EM3368 Colourful Station

Detailed parameters

Dimensions 216*75*30 mm
Material Plastic
Color Black

-Time signal standard: DCF/WWVB/MSF

-Weather forecast

-Charges mobile devices with USB port on back

-USB:5.0 V DC 1000 mA

-LED back light

-Clock /calendar/day of week

-Alarm with touch Snooze

-Max/Min memory for hygrometer & thermometer

-Transmission range up to 100 meters (open space)

-Product operating temperature range : (0??C~+50??C)

-Outdoor thermometer(-20??C ~+60??C )

-Indoor hygrometer(20%-95%)

-Outdoor hygrometer(20%-95%

Dimensions: 216*75*30 mm

Battery: 2* LR6 AA (not include)

Sensor size:92*40*23 mm

Battery: 2* LR03 AAA (not include)